General Surgery encompasses a board array of medical conditions.

Dr. Schlotter is a board certified general surgeon with the experience to provide you with expert consultation and surgical care. He has special interest in the following areas:


Breast disorders

Breast disorders are a common problem. Dr. Schlotter can evaluate and treat people for breast masses and cysts, breast cancer, and gynecomastia (abnormal breast enlargement, primarily in men). He will carefully review your history, mammograms, and examine patients completely. He will explain any diagnostic tests and treatment options if indicated. Dr. Schlotter can also use the in-office duplex scanner (ultrasound) to more accurately assess or biopsy a lesion in the breast. If surgery is necessary, Dr. Schlotter will discuss the options and assist you in planning your procedure. We want to provide patients the highest quality care and most thorough information.

We strive to inform our patients thoroughly about the sometimes complex nature of breast disorders, to involve you in your surgical choices, and to provide you high quality surgical outcomes. If we need other specialist to assist in your care (such as oncologists or intervential radiologists) we will arrange for these referrals as well.


Hernias of the groin (inguinal) and umbilicus occur in 5-10% of people. Hernias are usually repaired in an outpatient surgical facility. A hernia develops when there is a defect or weakness in the muscle layers; the hernia sac (bulging area) develops as internal structures push thru the defect toward the skin. Repairs usually involve closing the defect with sutures or a mesh “screen”.


In the later 1980’s, fiber optic and digital technologies permitted much better visualization of internal structures, allowing surgeons to perform increasingly complex operations with laparoscopy. This technique uses small incisions and tubes to introduce a scope and operating instruments into a space, like the abdomen. Dr. Schlotter has extensively utilized laparoscopy for the past 20 years to perform cholecystectomy (gallbladder removal) for gallstones and gallbladder inflammation.

In addition, Dr. Schlotter has experience performing colon surgery for tumors and diverticulitis often utilizing the laparoscopic approach.  Laparoscopic repair of hiatal hernias is performed for people with poorly controlled acid reflux (GERD).



Thyroid Surgery

Dr. Schlotter also has a special interest in thyroid surgery. Thyroid nodules (or lumps) are fairly common. The first step in evaluation is usually a biopsy (or sampling) of the nodule in conjunction with an ultrasound examination. This procedure is called a fine needle aspiration (FNA). Dr. Schlotter can perform this procedure in the office using our ultrasound. Once we receive the results of the FNA, Dr. Schlotter will discuss the information with you. Sometimes thyroid surgery is indicated. This is usually scheduled as an outpatient surgery but occasionally an overnight stay is necessary.