Scarless Breast Reduction in Austin & San Marcos TX

Breast ReductionScarless breast reduction surgery can help change your life by correcting the physical disproportion which causes a host of painful conditions, helping women feel better physically and emotionally. Dr. James Schlotter performs a revolutionary type of breast reduction using liposuction. With several tiny incisions (about the size of pen tip) on each breast, he can help you achieve smaller breasts and a beautiful shape without the large amount of scarring and slow recovery time produced by the traditional reduction surgery.

Ideal candidates for this type of surgery would be trying to unweight their breasts, which would allow the breast to retract, rise up and cause a reduction in nipple size. Remember, it is always best to schedule a one on one consultation to determine realistic expectations for your specific body type.

Scarless breast reduction is also ideal for correcting asymmetrical breasts, a very common condition in which one breast is larger than the other. Most of the time, the inconsistent size of a woman’s breasts go unnoticed by others; however, many women are aware of the size difference and can be distressed by it. Scarless breast reduction provides a wonderful option to be able to adjust breast size, without leaving a visible scar.

Scarless Breast Reduction Vs Traditional Reduction Surgery

  • Minimal surgical and aesthetic risk.
  • Rapid recovery; while patients are advised to take a full week off from work, many people return to work in just three days.
  • Traditional surgery methods typically require three months of recovery time.
  • Virtually no scarring; only a few scars per breast at the cannula insertion point (most will fade with time).
  • Ability to breast feed remains intact.
  • Minimal effect on future mammograms.
  • Normal sensation remains in the nipple and areola; traditional surgery jeopardizes skin sensation.
  • Lower cost compared to the traditional method.
  • Excellent option for patients who cannot tolerate a more invasive operation due to medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, myasthenia, multiple sclerosis, or asthma.

How Scarless Breast Reduction is Performed

Dr. James Schlotter performs an all liposuction reduction, which only requires a few 2mm incisions on each breast. After the procedure, the tiny scars often disappear over time. With massage, the scar tissue will break down and the darker color on the surface of the scar will fade over time.

Anesthesia is typically achieved with tumescent infiltration. A local anesthetic solution is slowly injected into the breast prior to liposuction. We also offer IV sedation, in addition to the local, if desired. In the procedure, a surgical tube, called a cannula, is inserted into the breast through tiny incisions. Dr. Schlotter then moves the tube back and forth, breaking up layers of fat. When the fat has been removed, the remaining skin will naturally shrink to fit the new breast volume, no matter how large her breasts were. Dr. Schlotter is able to achieve an average reduction of two cup sizes in each breast. Through liposuction, he can remove the unwanted fat tissue while leaving the glandular tissue in place.

After scarless breast reduction, the skin shows a dramatic degree of shrinkage. After swelling has gone down, the nipple is often elevated. Scarless breast reduction provides a significant lift in many patients, though the amount of lift is particularly influenced by the elasticity of the patient’s skin.

To see how scarless breast reduction can work for you please contact us to schedule a consultation.
Note: breast reduction using liposuction is not covered by insurance. Finesse Surgical Solutions proudly serves Austin and is located in San Marcos, Texas.

Scarless Breast Reduction | Finesse Surgical

Dr James Schlotter of Finesse Surgical explains the scarless breast reduction procedure. We proudly serve the San Marcos and Austin, Texas areas.

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Prices begin at $4,050-$4,500.

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