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Healthy Eating San Marcos

Total Health Series: How You Can Eat Healthy in San Marcos, TX!

We all lead busy lives with even busier schedules, and we feel with you if you think cooking meals on a daily basis comes last on the priority list! Meal planning, preparation and actually cooking takes time, and eating out is often an easier option. We are here to let you know you CAN have your cake and eat it too, this time (although, maybe a nice salad instead of cake).

Although it will always be easy to find your nearest drive-thru, San Marcos has more than a few restaurant gems offering healthy food at an affordable price for you and your family. Eating well not only helps you stay slim and fit (supporting your overall health), it helps to prevent many of the conditions we treat, including varicose veins. Preventative measures are the most vital in living a long, healthy life, and we want to help you reach your fullest potential and enjoy every moment.

Enjoy this list of our favorite healthy places to dine in San Marcos, and let us know your favorites, too!

Palmer’s Restaurant Bar & Courtyard
218 Moore Street

We’ll start with our date night favorite, Palmer’s Restaurant. This dining paradise features a twist on Texas and Southern favorites, so whether you are in the mood for some comfort food or a colorful, nutritious and hearty salad, Palmer’s has something for everyone. Your vegetarian friends are more than welcome here, and we definitely recommend heading over for weekend brunch with your family.

Our total health recommendations:

  • Vegetarian Tortilla Soup
  • Ensalada del Fuego
  • Palmer’s Signature Salmon

The Root Cellar
215 N LBJ Drive

This amazing spot believes it all starts at the root, with fresh ingredients every day to turn simple classics into tasty delights. With everything from healthy breakfasts to perfect lunch wraps and sandwiches and dinner plates, The Root Cellar is our favorite restaurant for light, fresh meals.

Our total health recommendations:

  • Veggie Wrap (Breakfast)
  • Tomato & Cucumber Salad (Lunch)
  • Seared Tuna Steaks (Dinner)

Cody’s Bistro & Lounge
690 Center Point Road #209

If you’re looking for a great happy hour spot that offers healthy options and is family-friendly, look no further than Cody’s. They offer a fun ambiance with great music, signature drinks, and even homemade pasta! Take your coworkers for a good meal or treat your family to a special night out any day of the week.

Our total health recommendations:

  • Spinach Salad (Lunch)
  • Pasta Fresco (Dinner)
  • Butternut Scallop (Dinner)

Rogelio’s Restaurant
625 S LBJ Drive

This community favorite needed to be on this list. There is nothing better than an authentic Mexican meal, and this family-owned restaurant does it the best. All of your favorite Mexican dishes are featured on this colorful menu, and do not pass up their famous chicken tortilla soup! This is a family favorite that is part of our regular dinner schedule.

Our total health recommendations:

  • Fish Tacos
  • Chicken Breast Plate
  • Combo Fajitas

We hope you enjoy these San Marcos favorites! Let us know what you think, and for more tips on improving your overall health, visit our blog or call (512) 395-8770 to schedule an appointment at Finesse Surgical Solutions to find quality treatments for your current ailments.